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Premium Quality Baking Since 1929

Heinemannís Bakeries

Heinemannís Bakeries

†† Heinemannís Bakeries has been baking the highest quality baked goods since 1929. Started as a single, small retail bakery, Heinemannís now serves the entire country with our Thaw and Sell bakery products that taste as good as Fresh.

†† At Heinemann's Bakeries, we understand operating an in-store bakery, in fact we pioneered the concept over† 40 years ago.

†† Baking from scratch demands skilled labor and the costs and staffing considerations that go along with it. Frozen dough bake-off operations minimize this need. However, these less skilled positions often experience higher turnover and as a result, create an ongoing need for training of new staff. In addition, less qualified operators tend to get inconsistent results - meaning poor quality products and higher waste.

†† That's why, for many supermarket and restaurant chain operations today, Heinemann's Display and Sell Program offers the ideal solution. It provides you with a full range of quality Heinemann's bakery products - all baked to order and frozen fresh for delivery to you. Each product comes fully baked, packaged and labeled, so you can just "Display and Sell." It's that easy.



Home of†† High Quality Coffee Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Cakes and baked goods.

True Layered

Danish Dough.

Old Fashioned

Home-Baked Taste.

Home-Made Fillings.

Now available nationwide in a thaw and sell program.





††††† Heinemannís Bakeries has been involved in the super market bakery business since the 1950ís. The reputation of our product is exceptional, sometimes being described as the ďcorner bakery grown upĒ. And what we have grown to is a large scale bakery selling products throughout the country, with products that are the same, quality, true bakery goods that we produced since our founding in 1925. Taste the difference, our true Danish dough, our homemade fillings, our lack of preservatives and our commitment to giving our customers the what we feel are the BEST quality bakery items on the market today.

Your store should be carrying a variety of Heinemann's products to appeal to the shopper who wants a true gourmet bakery experience.i

Text Box: Our top selling categories include:

Breakfast Danish

Cakes and Specialties

Cookies and Brownies 


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The King of Coffee Cakes, the famous Heinemannís PECAN HEART coffee cake, our best-seller.